Who are we and what do we do?


We are a non-profit organisation constituted as an association named Associació pel Refugi Casa Nostra Casa Vostra.

We are registered in the Guia d’Entitats de la Generalitat de Catalunya (register number in the record 59586 – J / 1) and the regulations applying to us is the Llei 4/2008, de 24 d'abril, del llibre tercer del Codi civil de Catalunya, relatiu a les persones jurídiques. Here you may look up our articles of association and the composition of the management board




Our main mission is to work in the social mobilization, the mass media impact, the sensitization, political pressure, and the construction of a national and international welcome network.

We work to change border policies in the European Union, for the construction of welcoming societies and for migrant people and refugees’ rights.



How do we fund ourselves?


The main funding source of Casa nostra, casa vostra are the economic contributions from organisations, companies and individuals through this website.



What do we spend the money on?

The collected funds are spent on the ordinary running of the organisation and on activities that Casa nostra, casa vostra organises. All the staff personnel are volunteers.





What banks do we work with?


The entire economic operation depending directly on Casa nostra, casa vostra is carried out through ethic banks’ accounts, which guarantee:

-    They work through bank services and products that facilitate a responsible and transparent use of money.

-    They only fund projects and initiatives with added-value for society.