On 18th February 2017, half a million people went out into the streets of Barcelona in the largest demonstration in Europe for migrant people’s and refugees’ rights.

A week before that, approximately fifty artists filled in the Palau Sant Jordi in a historic concert to sing and cry aloud that #RefugeesWelcome.

This was possible thanks to citizens’ strength, the mobilization of hundreds of social organisations and the relentless involvement of volunteers.

The organisation wants to follow up this strength in order to change border policies in the European Union and to promote the welcome.

Thus, it works in:

  • The social mobilization to make the citizens’ voice be heard
  • The mass media impact on the media, to prevent them from forgetting the migrant people and refugees’ situation
  • The sensitization and the construction of fair, helpful and welcoming societies
  • The political pressure to achieve real changes in all the administration, from local to international ones
  • The construction of a network of people and organisation for the welcome in Catalonia, Spain and Europe