A 44 year-old-iraqui-woman living in Greece with her 5 year-old-son. Her husband was kidnapped.

Siham is a teacher. She was already back in her country, Iraq, and in Eko, Greece refugees camp as well, where she arribed last March with her son Abdul. She used to teach back there to kids from the camp under a big top built by this camp's volunteers. Her husband disappeared four years ago in Siria, where the family was settled. Someone told her he had been kidnapped.



A month after this interview recording, in the mid of June, Siham and her son Abdul could finally sleep sheltered. Georgia, a greek woman, hosted them at her home. As many other greek families do, now they've built this supporting net, with the catalan Mare Mortum cooperation platform.

From then on, they've been into other few hosting houses, and now they are settled in Athens. They are finishing with the resettlement procedures, waiting to be based in some other european country.

Now Siham is happy, and her son had to live in poorly outdoors at the refugees camps:

And now he does sleep under cover and can dress warm as the winter comes:

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