Upcoming 'Interrupted lives', the tv show embodiyng the refugees themselves

This documentary tv show will be broadcasted every evening on TV3 from today
'Interrupted lives' is also a book, written by Bel Olid, collecting the witnessing of those people stuck on the refugees camps
TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio will host a theme week regarding refugee and hosting

Tonight the documentary tv show Interrupted lives will be released on tv, coproduced by Casa Nostra Casa Vostra and Estudi Carmel, with the participation of TV3. Its ten episodes will be broadcasted from Monday to Sunday after the news on TV3, and they'll tell about these people living on an eternal imposed wait within these camps.


The cast

The main characters are Ahmed, Khadija, Rassoul, Asia and Feras. Five people who arrived to Europe holding dreams and projects unsucceded. During the ten episodes we will get to know them, we will also see and live with them their personal experience. They'll tell us about all they left behind and what are they expecting to find forward, stuck in a present where the only thing they can do is wait. To live waiting means to live stopped. Yesterday's life is over and tomorrow's is unkown.


The location

Interrupted lives has been filmed in Vasilika, Greece, an old chicken warehouse turned into a camp for refugees. To live there means to live unsatisfactory within tents within hangars, between barbed wire and fences, with no access to basic facilities. Vasilika is a refugees camp managed by the greek state and under military control. The pictures have been registered with no permission from comptetents authorities.


'Interrupted lives' is also a book

After travelling into these refugees camps in Greece, the writter Bel Olid has collected into a volume, edited by Ara Llibres, the stories of those people living stuck in there. The book 'Interrupted lives' includes, besides the witnessing in first person, context information, data and argumentation about the legal and real situation, altoghether with pictures of Gerard Masagué.

Interrupted lives will be on stock the next January 30. The copyright and the benefits of this book will be donated to Fotomovimiento and Stop Mare Mortum non-proffit organisations.



Theme week on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio

The broadcast of Interrupted Lives is part of a week theme on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio dedicated to all those refugee persons, which will be concluded with the broadcast live of the Great Concert regarding Refugees Persons on saturday 11th, from 10pm hours.

The show Divendres will analize everyday the episodes content of Interrupted lives, with special guests on the set, and Els Matins show will have a table where some refugees people will be sitting around. The coverages of Sense Ficció show on February 8th will be dedicated to those asylum applicants situation who can't make it back to their natural countries and will tell about the experience of hosting in Germany. The episode El sopar will be dedicated on the 9th to social commitment, and one of the guests of Roger de Gràcia will be the founder of Pro Activa Open Arms, Oscar Camps. The show Tot un món will be giving voice to refugees and Valor Afegit show will be dedicating that week coverages regarding migrations.

TV3 news will be counting on Lluís Caelles reports, special envoy to refugees camps in Lesbos and Athens (Greece) and Txell Feixas, within Liban camps, and several coverages about the refugees who have initiated an asylum application process for Catalunya will be released. And for the kids news on Super 3 channel Info K four coverages will be displayed all regarding the refugees situation.

Catalunya Ràdio is having a special program as well, with the cooperation of El matí de Catalunya Ràdio, Popap, El suplement, Geografia humana and information services.