Today more than ever, #WeAreAllBarcelona and #RefugeesWelcome

Communicate of Casa nostra, casa vostra, regarding yesterday’s attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils


Casa nostra, casa vostra  expresses deep shock, infinite sadness and total indignation at the attacks that Barcelona and Cambrils suffered yesterday. We support the victims, the relatives and all the citizens that have been struck by terrorist barbarism.

Catalonia has always been a land of peace and hostility, open to the world, full of solidarity, committed to human rights, firm and shared values, which clash with the ideology of hatred and terror.

Unfortunately, Catalonia has been the victim of terrorism, as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Nigeria or Egypt have been before, among many other countries. Terrorism is a global threat that we can only fight with international solidarity and the unity of those who believe in the values ​​of justice, peace and respect for human rights, here and all around the world.

On February 18, the citizens of Catalonia went out to the street to say that we want to welcome people who flee from horror. Today we understand better than ever why we did it. For this reason, today we reiterate that we want by our side refugees and migrants, who escape terror, to build together a better future.

The world we want, free of terrorism, will only be possible if all of us - citizens, institutions, companies - commit ourselves to the culture of peace. This is why we must isolate country governments financing terrorism, however appetizing the trade they propose is. We must stop the sale of weapons, in which Spain has once again broken historical records this year, and policies must be issued to promote the inclusion of all people in society, away from marginalization and isolation where too often Jihadism goes through.

After the yesterday’s attacks, many refugees and migrants - some still trapped in refugee camps - have contacted Casa nostra, casa vostra, to express their sadness and to give us all their support and solidarity

Thinking of them, and in the world of peace and justice we want, we reiterate today, more than ever, that #RefugeesWelcome and that #WeAllAreBarcelona.

Òmnium Cultural