The new Casa nostra, casa vostra advertisement goes viral with almost 300.000 views in less than 48 hours

The welcoming unitary campaign broadcasts an advertisement that sets out what would happen if this Christmas we put ourselves in the shoes of a refugee.

The advertisement “Un conte de Nadal” (A Christmas tale), of the campaign Casa nostra, casa vostra has become a viral success and has almost reached 300.000 views in less than 48 hours through Youtube and from Facebook. In addition, it has appeared in several national and international media.

The ad is starred by a mother and her little son, who are watching the Christmas tree at home. Suddenly, the plot engages the audience in what would happen if their lives changed overnight and was their turn to live what refugees are going through.

30.000 signatures

Casa nostra, casa nostra is a campaign aiming to inform, sensitise, mobilize and put political pressure in support of the welcoming of the refugees and migrant people, both the ones waiting at the borders as well as the ones already here. The manifesto has already reached 30.000 signatures approximately and urges the institutions to act in order to make Catalonia a welcoming land.

The advertisement is a creation of the producer-agence Vimema, and has been produced by Carles Valdés, person responsible for some of the most viral videos in 2016. Specialized in online publicity, amongst the last Vimema’s successful campaigns, the one of the Saló Eròtic (Erotic Hall) of Barcelona, the one of the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia Parliament) and the one of the La Brava beer stand out.