Joan Dausà releases "Com plora el mar" for Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra

The singer will be on a five outdoor shows tour to make known the campaign and encourage people to mobilise

Joan Dausà composed the song "Com plora el mar", dedicated to the crisis of the refugees in Europe, which today is exclcusively released by Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra. The singer will start on thursday a small concerts tour in the street which will lead him around five catalan cities, where he'll be performing this song and help spread this campaign. The concerts will take place in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona and Sabadell, and its production will be supported by  the Cruïlla Barcelona festival.



Dausà will be giving away all the benefits generated by this hit's sales within digital platforms to Casa Nostra Casa Vostra's campaign for the public call for help for those organisations working with migration and refuge. Plus, there's also an english version by the name of "How the sea cries" towards international dissemination.

This song's music video, produced by Paulí Subirà and Xavier Bonet, shows very cruel images of the journey these people are obligated to do from their natural countries to those refugee camps going across the sea.

The lyrics talk about the crying sea before the death of these people crossing it. "I did like the idea of a nature's element as the sea, which is the craddle of all cultures, cried for what we humans are doing", says Dausà.

The composer expects the song to help "moving consciences" and also "make people wonder how responsible each one is for what they it is shown on this music video": the violence, tragedy and repression suffered by these people escaping from the war.

Dausa explains that the idea of the song came up after a show "From Damasc to Idomeni" performed last september in the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona. "I got out of the theatre thinking about an idea from this performance, which was to see the difference between charity and solidarity", he recalls, and says that from then on he decided to "get involved" and contribute "in order to make things change".

He decided to join the campaing Casa Nostra Casa Vostra right away, and sign the manifesto as an initial signer, offer the song and perform these concerts in the street. Joan Dausà will perform the song "Com plora el mar" and four other versions with meaningful content: "No és això, companys" Lluís Llach; "Qualsevol nit pot sortir el sol", Jaume Sisa, "Heal the World" Michael Jackson, and "Blowing in the Wind", Bob Dylan.

During the show, Casa Nostra Casa Vostra will set an information stand to collect signatures for the manifesto and a representative of this campaign will be explaining the claim basis are.


Plaça de la Virreina, 7pm December 15

Plaça del Vi. Divendres, 7pm Friday December 16

Plaça de la Paeria. Dissabte, 7pm Saturday December 17

Plaça de la Font. Dilluns, 7pm December 19

Plaça del Racó del Campanar. Dimarts, 7pm Tuesday December 20


“Com plora el mar”, Joan Dausà
Music Production: Fluren & Santos (Blind Records). Barcelona
Mastering:  Mario G. Alberni (Kadifornia Mastering). Cadis
Video Edition: Xavier Bonet an Paulí Subirà
Images loaned by Proactiva Open Arms
Event production: Cruïlla Barcelona and Casa nostra, casa vostra