A blue wave from the Urquinaona square (Barcelona) to the sea: the first massive demonstration in Europe for the right of asylum

A group of refugees and migrants will carry a banner with the slogan “Prou excuses! Acollim ara!” (No more excuses! Welcome now!)
This demonstration, named Volem Acollir (We want to receive), aims to bring about a change in the European politics about borders and refugees. Also, it claims a commitment from all institutions with the refugee reception.

The united campaign Casa nostra, casa vostra is organizing the Volem Acollir demonstration on the next 18th of February. It will be the largest demonstration in Europe to demand a global change in borders and refugee politics. The march calls upon the Spanish government to respect the international law and the reception commitment. Also, it appeals to the Catalan institutions to provide a clear and strong response to the refugee crisis affecting Europe.

Many people from all sectors, political and institutional representatives, together with social and cultural organization from all Catalonia, have confirmed their assistance to the event.


A blue wave ultil the sea

The Volem Acollir demonstration starts at the Urquinaona square (Barcelona) next Saturday at 4pm and will reach the Passeign Maritim (seafront promenade), close to the Barceloneta parc. Citizens will start from the centre of the city and will bring their claim until the Mediterranean sea, where last year more than 5000 people died due to the borders policies of the European Union.

The march will be like a huge blue wave, for this reason the organizing committee is asking to participants to wear blue clothes and hold blue banners or those realized by the Casa nostra, casa vostra association. They are available on the link casanostracasavostra.cat/banderoles, in Barcelona at the direction Carrer Còrsega, 515 Escala A Entresòl 3 C, (From 6pm to 8pm) or during the event.


The head of the parade: “Prou excuses! Acollim ara”

The Volem Acollir demonstration claims the slogan “Prou excuses! Acollim ara!” (No more escuses! Welcome now!). This is what will be written on the main banner that will open the march and will be carried by a group of refugees and migrants. Behind that, a banner with the slogan “No més morts. Obrim fronteres!” (No more dead people. Let’s open the borders!) will head a group of social organizations operating with migration and asylum. Finally, a third section will be composed by entities from the civil society, with the “Catalunya, terra d’acollida” slogan (Catalonia, welcoming land).

After that, there will be migrants, a bloc of young people and a group of the educational network who, in the last months, have brought the welcoming claim in schools and mobilized the education community and families.


The closing act: the Astral and La Fura dels Baus

The arrival of the Volem Acollir parade at the Barceloneta parc is planned to be at 6pm. There, a big scenography will be staged by the theatre company La Fura dels Baus, which was responsible also for the Big Concert at the Palau Sant Jordi. Moreover, the Astral sailing boat, belonging to the Proactiva Open Arms NGO, will be docked at the port. The Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra will play its show and two refugees people will give a talk: Dara Ljubojevic who arrived in Catalonia during the Balkan war and Meera Zaroor, who arrived from Siria three yars ago. The closing ceremony will be presented by the journalist Mònica Terribas.


Mobilization from all areas

The local sections of Casa nostra, casa vostra association, several local governments from the whole Catalonia territory have arranged buses to go to Barcelona. In many towns, especially from the Barcelona metropolitan area people have organized joined displacements by underground, train or bus.